Downsizing is a common choice for seniors, and it is one that can help make the most of retirement. Since moving can be stressful, you’ll need some simple tips, like the ones below, to make the transition smoother, for yourself or a senior loved one.

Downsize to Simplify Your Next Life Stage

The thought of going through and getting rid of possessions can be difficult for many seniors. It’s important, however, to remember the reasons for decluttering and downsizing in the first place. Paring down what you own will allow you more space to live comfortably in your new home and will take a lot of pressure off your spouse and family members.

You can make downsizing easier by taking time to work through each room and determine what should stay and what needs to go. While it’s always best to stick with keeping or removing things during this process, don’t feel defeated if you still wind up with some items you’re not quite ready to part with. If your leftovers will not work in your new home or if you have some seasonal decor to store, you can always look into deals on local storage unit rentals to have a secure spot to stash those belongings. Most people have paid around $83.47 for Madison-area units over the last six months, so you can simply factor this expense into your monthly budget to make your downsizing move easier.

Know How to Pack Your Home Like a Pro

Decluttering and downsizing your belongings should make preparing for your move a lot easier, but you still need to know how to securely pack the items you want to keep. You can get a good start to your packing by picking up some essential packing supplies. Various sizes of boxes and plenty of packing tape should top your shopping list, but you should also pick up some cling wrap to make securing those awkward items less of a hassle. Try looking around your home for tools to help you bundle belongings as well. You can use miscellaneous items such as egg crates and paper towel rolls to help you safely pack office cables, kitchen essentials and even your jewelry.

Keeping things organized will make the task of unpacking much less time-consuming when you do get to your new place. To make your move more comfortable, it’s also a good idea to pack a day-of box for everyone in your household. This should be one of the last boxes you put together, and you can fill it with medications, a few changes of clothes and basic toiletries to keep everyone content as you work on unpacking the rest of your things.

Make Your Downsizing Move Less Complicated

Getting a headstart on downsizing and packing your home is always a wise move, especially if you are a senior who has accumulated a lot of stuff. Before you make your big move, however, you have to find a home that’s perfect for you. This is such a freeing move to make during retirement, so this is the perfect time to look into different living arrangements, whether that means a smaller house, a condo, or even a retirement community. Whatever option you choose, be sure to look for community and home features to help you age in place safely.

Speaking of safety, you should also plan out your move so the process goes as efficiently as possible. Even if you don’t hire a professional moving company, you should think about other ways to get moving help. You can definitely ask family members for assistance with the heavier items or you can look for part-time help to prevent potential injuries. Finally, look for ways to plan a safe move with pets as well. Pets should be kept in a secure crate or room while people are moving items in and out of your homes, or you can arrange for boarding to make your move worry-free.

Downsizing doesn’t have to be a pain for seniors. Planning and preparation can free you from worries and make your move a freeing experience for everyone.

Written by Michael Longsdon